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tfp rewatch : one gif(set) per episode - scrapheap

he’s cold and almost frozen to death and about to collapse and he still shields arcee’s body from the scraplets with his own


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She caught his scent long before he appeared and greeted him at the entrance by sweeping her wings across the floor and sending a wave of water at him.

I have.

The pride at this accomplishment was plainly visible in the brightness of her eyes as she tilted her jaw up and preened at having once again managed to impress her mate.

He had been too busy watching her and distracted by the water everywhere to move before the wave crashed over him.

So, now he was wet. Standing there for a moment before making a sneeze of sorts and shaking his head much like a dog would. It wasn’t hard to impress him; Not if she were the one who was preforming.

Head lowered slightly, he stalked toward her with a curious purr building in his chest. May I ask why?


With the hatchlings settled down for the evening, she is content to take the much needed alone time to attend to her studies. Even a dragon of her considerable age and talents must avoid becoming complacent in her abilities.

So, instead of cleaning the dirt that has accumulated upon the stones of this particular cavern using normal methods, she makes it rain. Diverting the water to the drainage hole in the southeast corner is half spell work, half skill.

Having sprawled out at the entrance to keep watch, the smell of water from where was supposed to be a dry cave caught his attention and was more than enough reason to heft himself up for an explanation. When a few stray droplets hit his snout as he walked further into the sudden rain shower, a curious tilt of his head and flick of a tail signaled his confusion.

You made rain?

An obvious but still incredibly impressive feat from where he was standing. She never ceased to amaze.


Good because… she sat up rather suddenly and rocked backwards, almost but not quite losing her balance before settling back into a sitting position. A few moments later, her eyes had closed again, and she slumped downward gracelessly.

At least he had the foresight to catch her.


When she had finally settled, a deep thrum of a growl rumbled from him and his gaze lowered until his own eyes closed. He could take a short nap with her.

He was plenty close enough to the entrance to get her to safety should anything happen, and a keen nose was turned to the wind when it would breeze past them.

So long as I live, my light, you will be.


Bevel rested her own jaws on top of her father’s snout and stared up at him before blinking.

Then blinking again. Wait, no, her eyes were closing without her permission. That wasn’t fair! With a growl, she nuzzled her forehead into the front part of his face and let her eyes shut.

She wasn’t tired. She was just… making sure they worked.

Oh he knew this routine.

Watching her fight to keep her own eyes open, he shifted his head slightly so that she might fall to be caught between the side of his head and a paw that rested just next to it. A perfect nook for a hatchling to curl up in before he would transfer elsewhere when she was good and sleeping.

He was sure. Just… helping out with the testing, little light.


Claws clacking on the stone beneath her, she shook out her wings so that she could admire the shininess of her own scales. Satisfied with their appearance, she nuzzled against him with a rumbling purr.

She blinked at the voice that was not a voice and tilted her head to look up at him. Mother had done something similar and she was beginning to think there was some meaning to it but hadn’t quite grasped the knack for it. She snapped at the air and pawed at him so she could hook her claws around a knuckle.

That got a reaction at least, which meant she did hear him, and that was good enough for now. He certainly couldn’t teach her. He barely could do more than speak anyway. Magic wasn’t his forte.

What was in his line of work, was gentle nudges with his nose when she reached up to him, a warm breath gusting from his maw before he made himself comfortable. You will learn…



Mountains were not supposed to move.

Mountains were not supposed to roar.

The wyvern quickly hopped backward, hissing and flaring his wings out, almost tripping over his own tail.  Excuse yourself, you enormous lump.  What are you doing here?  Get out of his path.  That is his goat.  His hatchlings are hungry.


When the other moved, he spun around to face them with his own wings at half mast at his sides. If they had any ideas about stealing the prey he’d been patiently lying in wait for they are sadly mistaken!

It’s a gift for his mate!

Snarling and lowing his head, a challenge was made. Fly on, or fight him.

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"May… I assist you?"

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