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Chromia with 1 requested by lorvikatarri


Chromia with 1 requested by lorvikatarri

"Nice to meetcha Optimus!" she squeaked. Little Sydney 'hugged' his jaw, happy as could be.

"The pleasure is mine," he replied with an equally comfortable purr. Perhaps she could feel it vibrating through her core with how smushed against him she was.

"However, this place is not safe for a youngling such as yourself. May I ask why you venture here?"


He might be lazy but she was young and easily tired out. Her energy from their play earlier and her exploration of their lair had her closing her eyes contently and waiting until he was satisfied and would let her down.

She was quite content to simply stay here until then.

When he was satisfied with her hygiene, he did let the youngling back down to the rock floor of their den, still keeping his front paws about her in a impromptu nest of sorts. Hooded eyes watched her intently and after a moment’s deliberation he spoke.

Do you understand this speech? At all? Your mother taught me…

Maybe it was like the humans who babbled to their offspring. The more you spoke, perhaps the more the little one could repeat later.


His vision poor, and the shape of the great dragon too much like the rocks around it when huddled down for his other talents to correctly interpret, he can neither see nor ‘see’ the one already stalking the beast he has decided will go down nicely with a quick roasting.

Wheeling around to find a better line of attack, he slowly drifts down toward the mountainside, meaning to creep up on the deliciously smelly goat and surprise it with a burst of flame to the face.

He may or may not realize his error when he feels something warm and soft underneath his toes on landing.

You weren’t using that tail, were you?

Keener eyes watched the intruder as they seemed to carry on as they were, rumbling to himself as he turned his attention back to the goat. A fine present this would make for his mate! She’d done her fair share of hunting for their little brood and, well, he could still prove he was capable of providing for her.

Hunkering down, he waited until a mighty weight and pinch registered on his tail.


A great yowl of a roar erupted from the bigger male, standing at a still attention before his massive head whirled around to see the spindly wyvern perched on his rudder. Excuse you!

Teeth bared in a snarl he attempted to whip his tail out from under the other.


But she was already clean!


Okay, but that didn’t mean she was going to lay here and enjoy it.

It totally did. She wasn’t humming so much as making various chirps and chirrups of sound now. Her way of talking to him until she found a way to make words.

Hardly. He’d seen that dust and so help him if his mate caught him with dirty younglings. Those chirps were memorized, logged away so he could remember them always and recalled in the future when she was well and grown. His own voice was far too loud for chattering, but hushed tones mimicked her in amusement, nipping at his creation’s tail as she laid in his paws.

Lazy, lazy papa dragon.


She squeaked in protest upon being grabbed - she was a fierce predator and would not be handled this way! - but the noise died rather quickly when he started singing. Flopping bonelessly into his grip, she made a low crooning sound to try and join him.

It was less than effective.

The fight had been expected, and to be honest it was much better than her simply allowing him to do what he wished. Harness that fire, little one of his.

Her own song caught his attention and he lowered his maw to nuzzle her as she made various… sounds. One day maybe she could master the art of humming while grooming, because this little was getting her bath whether she liked it or not.


Victory became a bit dull after a few moments of silence. She had also started to slip again and she grabbed one of his horns with her mouth and tugged to get his attention. However important this game was, she was simply enjoying it. Knocking over such an impressive dragon took quite a bit of strength.

She gasped with the effort of trying to pull him back up onto his feet that didn’t seem to be going anywhere and promptly lost her footing. Whoops.

A cyan eye cracked open to watch in amusement as she tugged at him, waiting until just the right moment to pounce! However, his plan was foiled by clumsy paws and he rolled himself over in time to watch her tumble about.

Not quite.

Gentle jaws grasped her middle, bringing her between his own set of claws for safe keeping and he let a low rumbling song resonate through his chest. Just for her.


She warbled in return. How come she keeps encroaching on other dragons’ territories?!

It’s hard being a lone female, really. She’s got her brother, but he’s off doing his own thing—his own thing being mating with as many females as he possibly can and flying the coop. Not very reliable is he.

She sang out and waited for the much larger drake to give her a good spot to land.

There was no threat from him in that regard, not to worry. He already had another half; Old enough now to establish a monogamous bond with his partner, he’d left the dating scene a good while ago.

Broad wings billowed as he slowed himself to land in a clearing that stretched out vast and green. In the distance there were trees, but it was clear, hilly landscape for as far as the eye could see. And when he had finally settled, massive paws kneading the earth in his landing, his attention turned to the smaller dragon.

Do you speak?

It was worth a shot. Not all dragons were taught as he had been.


she landed on the rock and nodded her thanks.

Thank you. This is more than I could ask for. I will leave as soon as I am able. she shifted her back legs before turning around and walking inside the cave, it was going to reek of her heat pretty soon and she knows she can’t fight off males even if she tried to.

His nose winkled when she landed, sorting through the scents on the wind in case of anything that might go about bothering her, and finding nothing beyond maybe the wolves that prowled along side him in this wooded area.

Be wary of a white and red female. She is my mate.


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