Here, we are titans


::Well- you know your alternate? The one that Megatron- took down? His ghost’s with me, and I figured out how to get them to hold items. We talked about it, and he sounds up for coming back. So, hypothetically, if you used the forge on them, do you think they would come back to life?::


« I am unsure if Solus’ forge would be able to materialize a frame from nothing. A ghost… Surely my Alternate would have knowledge from the Allspark? »

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::Optimus! Are you the one that’s- anyhow. I wanna talk with you sometime, too, but I was wondering if you could help me- it’s kind of a weird problem.::

« You may speak freely, my friend. What is the matter? »

Headcanons Ahoy: the Mythos - the Broadstreams and the Books of History



I keep blabbering on about this thing called the Mythos in my headcanons and fics, so I figured I oughta bring in a bit of information about what the heckie it actually is.

+ Disclaimer: This is a headcanon for my TFP-AU fanfiction continuity Book of Hours; it borrows from canon occasionally but goes off in other directions a lot because I like making shit up a lot. If you’re curious, go here for more info. If you’re not, don’t take it too seriously.

The Mythos—

A collective of myths, legends, rites, beliefs, traditions, ancestral wisdom and cultural practices passed down through the ages to the present day. Often used as an umbrella term encompassing early Cybertronian history as well.

» See also: 

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Primary concepts to come later, once I get my head cooled down a bit. :B


they follow him everywhere


they follow him everywhere


« Smokescreen. »

Don’t act too happy. Keep cool.

« Greetings. May I be of assistance to you? »


Almost always. Except when she was glaringly wrong, but now was neither the time or place to bring up those incidents.

She would continue on like this for a while longer, her optics half-closed so that the green light was nearly blocked completely. When it seemed like ho had calmed considerably, she trailed off and let her hands settle with the left over Optimus’ and the other on his shoulder.

"What can I do for you right now?" she asked.

"Stay," he replied automatically. That was all he could think. She was one of the few that had, both in this timeline and his own. For as long as he could remember, or maybe it was fabricated from self insertion into a alternate universe, she had been at the fringes of his vision, of his circle.



"More baffled and intimidated, than scared. Awed, to. Kinda makes a life and race feel insignificant in the whole scheme of things, knowing you guys or some other race will probably be around long after we’re gone”

« How do you measure significance? Our races have grown and thrived on our own accord, separate from each other yet similar in so many aspects. I have witnessed first-hand what even the youngest human I know is capable of, and the capacity to adapt and transform his world. »

« Time, is relative, and though a human’s view is short, I cannot think of another race who’s sparks burn so brightly and hold so much potential. »


"Comparing your mistakes with others won’t accomplish anything, Optimus. You know that. Concentrate on my voice. You’re all right."

She continued to monitor him while stroking soothing patterns over whatever metal she could reach, humming and singing snatches of Cybertronian between her words. The mostly steady pulse of her spark and field trying to coax his into following as she listened intently to the ragged venting of air through his mouth.

Rare as Optimus getting so upset were, Ratchet had calmed Bevel from tantrums in similar fashion. Whether or not it would work with her sparkmate or their other creation’s rages remained to be seen.

What would have normally been a resonating, deep rumble of a Torquaes engine came out as more of a stalled hiccup at her comment. She was right, but that didnt make it feel any better immediately.

Eventually, his tumultuous EM field would quiet to flares of complex emotional data; Spark still wound tight and hot with the Matrix bearing down on the chamber itself. But he would settle. His grip loosened until he dropped his servos to Ratchet’s hip joints, and his breath slowed. She was right.

… Ratchet was almost always right.


-well then.

"Geeze! I knew you were old, but- well, you’re a good 37 million years older than the entire human race.”

« I am aware. »

« Does that frighten you? »


{{ …That would apply to all of us correct? Not just one? }}

« Neither you nor I can pass judgement. When I am able to speak with Rigel, he will be told the same. »

« The chance to learn from one another is crucial for our own understanding of the world around us, and to squander these opportunities, in favor of harsh preconceptions and prejudices, are unacceptable. »